No AI solution at Chegg!

No AI solution at Chegg!

There are many positive reasons to use AI, but authoring Expert solutions is not one of them.

While students are gaining comfort with use of AI, they still trust human expertise more. At Chegg, we offer students the ability to access an instant solution generated by AI, yet many prefer a solution developed by a Subject Matter Expert.

As a valued Expert, the solution you submit should be your original work. You can verify it with other resources to ensure accuracy, but copying and pasting solutions from other resources is not acceptable. To that end, we will verify that solutions you submit do not include materials copied from AI or other sources.

You will not be able to submit questions with AI content, if even after two tries AI content is found, your solution will be skipped.

Our students are depending on you to provide accurate, complete, and original solutions so they can learn with confidence.

1) Why is an AI tool necessary to discourage AI-generated content in solutions?
At Chegg, our foremost value is prioritizing students. While we provide students with the option to access instant solutions generated by AI, we have observed that many students prefer solutions crafted by Subject Matter Experts.

2) What happens when the AI tool detects AI-generated content in your solution?
When the AI tool detects any content in your solution, it will highlight that part of the solution so that you can rephrase it and then submit it.
NOTE: You will not be able to submit questions with AI content, if even after two tries AI content is found, your solution will be skipped.

3) I have crafted my solution independently, yet it is still flagged as containing AI content. What steps should I take?
The AI tool is programmed to detect any AI-generated content within your solution. If such content is identified, we recommend rephrasing it in your own words before attempting to submit again.

4) Once a question is skipped by AI tool, can it be retrieved?
No! The question will be assigned to some another subject matter expert. Kindly fix the content within 2 attempts to ensure submitting of the solution. 
Thank you for upholding the promise of Expert solutions.

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