How to Get Access to the Chegg Live Q&A Dashboard with Chegg Practice Site

Chegg Practice Site- Learn how to Get Access to the Live Q&A

What is the Chegg Practice Site & How to solve Questions on Chegg?  


In order to enhance the authoring experience, for experts joining after 20th February 2023, we have introduced a new feature called Practice Site on the Q&A dashboard.  


Note: If you have exhausted all the attempts on the Practice Site, you willl not be able to work with us on the same or different subjects. Additionally, re-registering with us, using an old or new account, will be restricted.

Check out the video below to know all about Chegg’s Practice site:

Follow these steps to start your journey as an expert:

1. Go to 

2. Sign in with your credentials 


Username: Your Chegg registered Email ID      
Password: Shared on mail (After successful login, please change your password for security reasons) 


3. Solve questions on our Practice Site. You will be redirected to the below page.

4. To solve questions on the Practice Site, click on "Start practicing”.


5. Start typing your solution and provide step-by-step detailed explanations. On clicking "Submit your answer", your solution will be evaluated by our new feature CMS - Check my structure - which helps you author better quality step-by-step solutions. Until you get a minimum CMS score of 75%, you will not be able to submit your solution.

5. After the submission of 3 solutions, you will get the below message “Your submitted solutions are under review. If passed, you will be promoted to Live Q&A.”

6. Your solutions will be evaluated by our Quality team after submission of 3 solutions & you will get the quality review score within 7-8 working days from the final date of submission. The minimum Average QC Score on all 3 solutions for passing the Practice site is >= 4.5 out of 5.

7. Once you fulfil the criteria i.e., submitting 3 solutions and an overall average QC score >= 4.5, you will get the below message "You have passed, promotion to live Q&A will happen shortly” and the Live Q&A access will be given in an hour.

8. If you fail to clear the Practice Site, please try again. You will be notified via email when your chances for passing the Practice site for Live Q&A access are over.

Note: Specific emails will be shared regarding the successful passing of the Practice site and the Live Q&A access with the relevant information.

Important Points:

1. It is mandatory to solve at least 3 questions on the Practice site with an Average CMS score => 75% and an Average QC Score of >= 4.5 out of 5 to get access to the Live Q&A.

2. This practice site feature applies only to new hires. There are no changes in the Q&A dashboard for existing experts.

3. You will be paid for valid solutions submitted as per the Authoring guidelines for the pass attempt on the Practice site.

4. You can check out your solutions' detailed quality reviews in the My Solutions section.

When will be I paid for the Practice Site solutions?

If you have been promoted between 1st-31st of the month, the payout for the valid solutions of a passed attempt will be processed by the 25th of the subsequent month.

For example, if you were promoted between 1st-31st December'23, the payout for the valid solutions of your passed attempt will be processed by 25th January'24.

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