What is Chegg Expert Platform 2.0?

Expert Platform 2.0 - New authoring platform

Chegg Expert Platform 2.0
We’ve built a new experience around quality and convenience for you. (This is only applicable for selected experts for now).
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Features of Expert Platform 2.0

      1. Math in Text- It is a three-line feature that helps you solve the mathematical expression. You can either click on the math in text icon on the editor or type “==” to enable math in text. With the help of the tooltip library, you can insert math symbols.

Line-1- Explain/describe your mathematical expression/formula

Line-2- Enter the actual expression and values

Line-3 The block will automatically calculate the solution

 Post entering the data, your expression will be displayed in a latex form with math symbols. Clicking again on the block will allow you to edit your text/expression/formula. There is no linking between line 1 and line 2. The Result is only calculated on the basis of values entered in line 2. At once, it can solve only one mathematical expression. 

      2.  Equation renderer- It helps you in writing multiple mathematical equations in a latex form in your solution. Use tooltip to insert preneed symbols and equations related to math, Greek, text, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Precalculus. This tool helps you create mass expression. It does not perform any calculations.

      3.Code snippet inserter: With the help of this feature, you can type your code in the authoring editor or copy your code from a code writing application or IDE or any programming software as it helps you retain the indentation of your code. With the help of this tool, you can change the coding language and the colour of the programming code.

Math in text and equation renderer follows all Ascii symbols. You can find the complete list here: http://asciimath.org/#syntax

      4.Image upload and labeling: This feature allows you to upload images in solutions, add labels and modify them.  

You can now add supporting images to your solution like diagrams/graphs etc. but you cannot upload your complete solution as an image in expert platform 2.0. Please make sure you always describe/add an explanation in all text to your image while uploading to successfully submit your solution otherwise It will show an error

      5.Inbuilt tables: You can create new tables or select a table from the predefined table template- example-Budget table, cost of goods sold template, income statement template, Net present value template etc.

You can perform various excel functions on tables, like cell merge, split existing merge cells, add, cut, copy &paste of cell, rows and columns, etc. 

Features you'll love

Meet the new step by step:
Tags and steps improve the quality of your solutions.

Get friendly with Tables and Templates:
Built in templates make it convenient for you to provide solutions

Take a closer look with Answer Preview:
Preview your solutions before submitting, leave no room for error.
Learn about Expert Platform 2.0 through our learning module-Click here

Please Note: 
  1. Expert Platform 2.0 works best on PC/Desktop/Laptop.
  2. Many tools/features may not work on mobile.
  3. Account will not be affected by no rating of solutions, periodic quality reviews will be given.
  4. Editing solutions or posting comment on submitted solutions features are currently not available.
  5. Handwritten/image-based solutions are not allowed, only typed solutions are allowed. However, you can add a supporting image in your solution. 
  6. Mandatory to add an Alt text(description of image) for the uploaded image (when required).
  7. Write at least 20 characters in the authoring window for addition of another step. Also, you need to add 20 characters in the description in case of tool usage.

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