Expert platform 2.0

Expert Platform 2.0 FAQs

Q1) What is Platform 2.0?
Expert platform 2.0 is a new, easier and better way to provide step-by-step details step. For more information, check out this article.

Q2) I want to join Platform 2.0!
This is just a beta experiment. Currently, this is only applicable to limited experts but soon it will be available for more experts.

Q3) Platform 2.0 courses are locked for me!
The courses are for selected experts only, you will be notified over email, SMS when it's available for you.

Q4) I want to solve via phone/mobile on Platform 2.0!
This experience works best on a PC/laptop. Some features may not work while answering through mobile. 

Q5) I am not able to upload an image as it shows an error
It is now mandatory to describe your image by using alt text box else it will not allow you to upload.

Q 6) Why am I not getting any ratings?
Don’t worry, you will shortly get more ratings on your answers. However, your account will not be affected and you will receive periodic quality reviews on your solutions.

Q7) I have submitted wrong solution, can I edit/comment on it?
Currently, edit and comment features are not available.

Q8) I am not able to upload handwritten solutions
Uploading handwritten solutions are prohibited on Expert Platform 2.0 and will attract penalty if done so. You can upload the image (only when required) using the upload image option and label by adding lines, alt text on the image using the tool.

Q9) I am not getting many questions in my queue
All available questions have been locked by other experts for solutions. Try and refresh your page at different time intervals or log in later to view questions in your subject. The best time to login is 1AM-9AM.

Q10) I'm not comfortable on Platform 2.0, please revert me to old platform!
Don’t worry, we got your back! Our team is continuously working on improving your answering experience and adding more features to help you write better solutions.

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