Expert platform 2.0

Expert Platform 2.0 FAQs

Q1) What is Platform 2.0?

Expert platform 2.0 is a new, easier and better way to provide step-by-step detailed solution. For more information, check out this article.

Q2) I want to join Platform 2.0!

We are constantly trying to improve your authoring experience. Currently, this is only applicable to limited experts and eventually, we will provide this new authoring experience to all the experts. Stay tuned!

Q3) I want to solve via phone/mobile on Platform 2.0!

This experience works best on a PC/laptop. Some features may not work while solving through mobile.

Q4) I have submitted wrong solution, can I edit/comment on it?

Currently, edit and comment features are not available on platform 2.0.

Q5) How can I use tools in Expert Platform 2.0?

All tools are available on the expert authoring dashboard and can be inserted in any step. Please check out this video and learn how to use all tools.

Q6) I'm not able to access my account as it is revoked, please reinstate!

Once revoked, the account cannot be reinstated in the same or any other subject. Payments are processed by the 15th of every month for the valid solutions. To avoid revocation, please follow Chegg Authoring Guidelines through and through.

Q7) I am not getting many questions in my queue

All available questions have been locked by other experts for solutions. Try and refresh your page at different time intervals or log in later to view questions in your subject. The best time to login is 1AM-9AM.

Q8) What is the maximum number of steps that I can add to my solution?

There is no limitation in adding the number of steps, as long as your solution is well explained.

Q9) How can we type a series of equations?

You can use the equation renderer tool for typing of series of equations. Kindly check out this video.

Q10) What happens if my solution receives a Red badge in the quality review?

We would like to inform you, that solutions submitted by you from 1st September 2022 onwards, that receives a Red QC badge, will NOT be paid. Please note for economics and accounting, we are already not paying red badge solutions from 1st July 2022.

Q11) Platform 2.0 courses are locked for me!

The courses are for selected experts only, you will be notified over email, SMS when it's available for you.

Q12) I am not able to upload an image as it shows an error

It is now mandatory to describe your image by using alt text box else it will not allow you to upload.

Q13) I am not able to upload handwritten solutions

Uploading handwritten solutions are prohibited on Expert Platform 2.0 and will attract penalty if done so. You can upload the image (only when required) using the upload image option and label by adding lines, alt text on the image using the tool.

Q14) Can I upload images in Expert Platform 2.0 for 3rd party software questions like AutoCAD, Solid works, etc?

Yes, you can upload.

Q15) I am not getting ratings on Expert Platform 2.0 due to which my ELP badge is downgraded.

From July, students are rating the solutions more frequently and all experts are getting more ratings than before, please check the dashboard once again.

Q16) My CF score has reduced drastically in Expert Platform 2.0. What should I do to improvise it?

Make sure you are providing step-by-step, detailed, and well-explained solutions, also use the tools provided in the Expert Platform 2.0.

Q17) I have received down votes from students despite complete solutions, resulting in a low CF score. Will my account get revoked?

Students usually down vote your solutions if they find your solutions are incorrect/irrelevant/incomplete. Please make sure you are always providing detailed and step-by-step explanations along with diagrams to explain your solution for students’ better learning experience and ensure that your CF score is greater than 80%.

Q18) Does the CF score only include student rating or QC review as well?

On Expert Platform 2.0 your ratings from the in-house quality team are not converted into your CF score, however, students' ratings are only considered in your CF score.

Q19) How to check my quality review on my solutions?

Quality reviews are now on your authoring dashboard. Click here for the detailed video.

To check your Quality Reviews, go to the 'My Answers' tab. You will find: Chegg Rating – Feedback shared by the Chegg Quality team & Student Rating – Feedback shared by the students.

The badge under 'Chegg Rating' indicates that your Quality Review for that solution is done. The new feature has three colors of badges:
Green means “satisfactory”, Yellow means “neutral”, and Red means “unsatisfactory”

Click question links in the 'My Answers' tab to view the respective solutions that you have submitted; its detailed review feedback will be available on the right side

Q20) How can I draw complex diagrams?

By using a drawing tool, you can create complex diagrams and figures. Please watch this video for complete information.

Q21) I'm not comfortable on Platform 2.0, please revert me to old platform!

Don’t worry, we got your back! Our team is continuously working on improving your authoring experience and adding more features to help you write better solutions.

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