How to Fix Formatting and Alignment Issues in your Chegg Solutions

How to Fix Formatting and Alignment Issues in your Chegg Solutions

Today, we will learn about the formatting/alignment errors in the authored questions in Chegg Q&A!  
The solution may contain a variety of content objects. Each of them may expect a required format or style, font size, alignment, margin, etc., to create an appealing presentation and make the solutions as easy to understand as possible. 


If the solution either does not have proper alignment or has provided equations in the incorrect format (Example: Miss alignment of equations or expressions), then it will be higlighted in your quality review and your quality score will be reduced significantly. 
Here are some examples with wrong usage along with correct representation - 

Wrong usage: Each term of the equation is written in different lines. They are written using text instead of Math-in-text.

Correct representation: Required terms/calculations are written using the Math-in-text tool.

Wrong usage: Term “linear moment” is not represented with a variable and equations are written in same line.

Correct representation: Term “linear moment” is represented with a variable and units are also written with proper format. Equation is clearly written and simplified.

Wrong usage: Table is not used to write years and shares, table tool should be used.

Correct representation: Table tool is used to write required data.

Wrong usage:
Highlighted equations are not aligned in single line. Terms after “=” should be in same line or under braces with alignment to “=” symbol.

Correct representation: 
Equations are aligned in single line. Terms after “=” are in same line. 

Wrong usage: Subscripts are written in same font/size of normal variables. Subscript(R1) and super script(x2) should be properly formatted.

Correct representation: Subscripts are clearly written using inline equation and equation renderer tool. Know more about equation renderer tool:

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