Different Types of Questions Asked on Chegg: A Guide to Solving them Effectively

Types of Questions on Chegg Q&A

On the Chegg Q&A platform, students ask mostly 5 types of questions as mentioned here in the video:

Multiple choice questions 
In Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), it is important to:

1. Identify the correct solution along with  step-by-step reasoning on why the selected option is the right solution.
2. In addition, it is also important for you to explain in detail why the remaining options are incorrect. 

For Example, in an MCQ containing 4 options - A,B,C and D, if A is the correct solution, you must explain why A is the correct solution along with why B,C and D are incorrect. 

True / False questions

For True/False questions, always provide explanation justifying your solution. Never solve in one word: True or False.

Multiple Questions

In case of multiple questions posted at once by the student (irrespective being similar or different), solve the first question unless the student has asked for a specific question to be solved, subject to a minimum of 1 question.

Multiple Sub-part Questions

You need to solve all parts of Multiple Sub-part questions (irrespective being similar or different), unless the student has specified sub-parts to be solved.

For example, if a question contains 6 sub-parts, as per the guidelines, you need to solve all of them. However, if the student has specified that he wants the solution for 3-6 sub parts, kindly provide solutions for the same, not all the sub-parts.

Questions in a Non-English language

For questions in a non-English language, solve only when you know the language. If you are unable to understand or translate the language, skip the question using “I cannot solve this question, because" with the sub-option, "Question is incomplete” and ask the student to upload the question in the English language with the comments in the SKIP section only.

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