How to submit good-quality reviews (Expert Reviewer Opportunity)?

How to submit good-quality reviews (Expert Reviewer Opportunity)?

To submit good quality reviews and maintain a good Review Accuracy Score on the Expert Review Platform, follow the given points:

a. Reviewing the SOP document is very crucial, dive into it in detail and select correct review inputs for the reason codes.

b. Refer to the feedback received from our In-House experts in your ‘My Reviews’ section to identify areas for improvement.

c. Go through the Review Guidelines document to learn dos and don’ts as an Expert Reviewer.

Check out the following videos to learn about 5 Review Parameters:

a.  Accuracy

b.  Explanation

c. Concept

d.  Structure

e. Authoring Guidelines

Let’s now understand it in detail with the help of an example:

Examples of Basic Math, Calculus, Advanced Math and Other Math


Please note that the above example is for Math subjects only. Please refer to the help centre in your dashboard for your subject example.