Most Frequently Asked Questions for Expert Reviewer Opportunity

Most Frequently Asked Questions for Expert Reviewer Opportunity

1) Can I join this program too? I'm interested!

ANS - This opportunity is for selected experts. We will let you know once & if you are eligible via email.


2) If I am unsure of reviewing a solution, can I skip it?

ANS - You can skip as many solutions as you like. however, ensure that you select the correct reason for skipping. Choosing the wrong reason will be considered an abusive activity.


3) Will I be reviewing questions/solutions from my registered subject or different subjects?

ANS - You will be reviewing questions/solutions based on your registered subject only.


4) Will I get the required training to be an Expert Reviewer?

ANS - Chegg will provide you with all the training support through Webinars and other modes. You shall receive the webinar registration link via email.


5) Can I work as a reviewer and a Q&A Expert at the same time?

ANS - Yes, an expert can work simultaneously on multiple roles at a time i.e., as an expert reviewer and a Q&A expert, basis eligibility for the respective role. However, poor performance in a particular role would lead to revocation of that particular role.


6) If selected, how & where will I be reviewing solutions? [URL/login credentials]

ANS – Your login credentials will remain the same as your authoring credentials, and if you are selected for this role, the opportunity will be available on your dashboard.


7) Will I get feedback on my reviews whether they are correct or not?

ANS - Your reviews will be checked by our Quality team, and the number of valid  reviewdata will be shared at the time of payment.


8) Will my performance in the authoring role impact my review work and vice versa?

ANS - No, your performance in the authoring role would not impact your review work and vice-versa.


9) What are review SOPs? Why are they required?

ANS - Review SOPs are your reference guide to submitting correct review inputs for each solution. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to go through SOPs before submitting review inputs for EACH SOLUTION.


10) Can I review solutions on my mobile/tablet?

ANS - Yes, you can review solutions on a mobile/tablet.


11) Why are there no solutions to review in the queue?

ANS - You're not seeing any solutions for review because all available solutions have been locked by other experts. You can either try and refresh your page at different time intervals or log in later.


12) What are the criteria for payment of my reviews?

ANS - Your reviews will be validated by the Chegg team, and payment will be processed for all valid reviews.


13) When will I be paid for the reviews?

ANS - Payment for VALID reviews submitted in a month will be processed by the 25th of the following month, with the payment details.


14) How can I know about my Chegg Expert Review Payment Details?

ANS - You shall receive your payment details for the current month on/before the 25th (date) of the subsequent month on the Expert Payment Dashboard’s (EHPD) Payment Certificate section: 


15) How to review Chegg AI-generated Solution (Assume the solution is correct)?

ANS - It should be reviewed the same way as we review a regular solution. Score awarding and error percentage selection remain the same.


16) In the case of graph-based continuity problems, do we need to check whether the graph is drawn in the solution or not? And should I deduct points for an incomplete solution or step-by-step process?

ANS - If the Question is to refer to the graph and solve it, it doesn’t need a graph to be shown in the solution. In such a case, the error percentage need not be awarded.

If the solution requires a graph to be drawn or reproduced as a part of the solution, and that graph is not provided, that should be considered as an incomplete solution and the graph missing.


17) What has to be included in explanation blocks?

ANS - Explanation block is used to write the explanation corresponding to the step. It can include any of the following things:

a.     Explanation regarding usage of formula or any law in the step.

b.     Elaborate explanation on the process or the conditions in the step.

c.     Anything to enhance the learning of the student on the step.


18) How to review questions/solutions in a foreign language?

ANS - Translate both the question and solution to the English language and evaluate the solution.

If there are errors or unable to understand the translation, please skip it under ‘Don’t have sufficient knowledge’.


19) If the question has two different questions, but the expert has given a solution to only one question, is it considered as incomplete solution?

ANS - If there are two questions (not sub-parts), either the first question or the student specified should be authored. If the student specified for the first question is authored and the remaining is not authored, it is not an incomplete solution.

If there are no errors in that authored solution, 0% or False can be selected in all cases.


20) When there are two subparts, and in one part the calculation yields a final value of 7, but it should actually be 6.8, how do you deal with such a case?

ANS - If the question specifies to provide a solution in one significant figure, this is the correct value and isn’t considered as error.

If it is not specified or mentioned to provide more significant digits, this should be considered as a calculation error, incorrect solution, conceptual error, etc. and select corresponding error percentage as per SOP. 

The payment is processed by the 
25th of every month.

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