Quality-Based Incentive Program

Quality Based Incentive Program

You can earn a 20% incentive on EVERY SOLUTION of the month!  


  • Maintain an average QC(Quality review) score of >4 for the month.


  • Effective from Mar'23 

This incentive will be additional to other ongoing bonuses (if any), so keep delivering your best work!


  • QC scores for solutions submitted in a month will be considered.
  • No incentive will be given if none of your solutions of that month are QCed, or if your avg QC score stood at <= 4
  • This program can be modified/extended/withdrawn by Chegg at any time.
  • Any queries pertaining to QC scores will not be entertained.

Please Note-

  • You will be receiving regular updates on your QC performance via email.
  • The payment cycle remains the same, i.e., 15th day of each month

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