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FAQs – International Questions / Questions in Non-English Language

1. Which countries do we receive questions from on Chegg Q&A?

Ans. We receive questions from students spread across the world.


2. Can I solve a question that contains content in the non-English language? 

Ans. Yes, if you know the language, you can solve the question just like you would solve any other question using standard Q&A guidelines. Please ensure your solution is in English.


3. What do I do if I do not understand a question that has content in a non-English language?

Ans. If you do not know the language, please skip the question under “I need more information” and ask the student to upload the question in the English language. 

4. Can I use language translator(s) to understand questions that contain content in non-English language? 

Ans. You can either skip the question under “I need more information”, or use language translator(s) to understand the content in the question.


5. Are there any specific guidelines for solving questions posted by students from outside the United States?

Ans. As such, there are no separate guidelines. As long as you are sure about the underlying concept, you can formulate your solution using standard Q&A guidelines.

6. What is the pay-out rate for questions posted from outside the United States?

Ans. There is no difference in the pay-out rate for questions posted by students from different countries.

7. Can I solve questions that require me to have knowledge of laws/policies/accounting standards/tax laws etc. of different countries?
Yes, as long as you have knowledge about the laws/policies/accounting standards/tax laws of that country, you can solve the question using standard Q&A guidelines.


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