Questions with Legacy Solutions - For selected experts

Questions with Legacy Solutions - For selected experts

Introducing our brand-new feature - ‘LEGACY SOLUTIONS’ (for selected experts)- that displays reference solutions for selected questions to enhance your solving experience. 

What does it mean? 

While working on Chegg Q&A, you might encounter some questions having a reference solution which would be image-based/non-structured (legacy solution). 

What is expected from you? 

Use the legacy solution as reference to create a better-quality solution via EP 2.0 editor. 
Quality here means:
  1. Well-structured solution
  2. Solved using step-by-step approach.
  3. Usage of all required tools & explanation block
  4. Concluded with an appropriate ‘Final solution.’
  5. Adheres to all quality aspects including the 5 QC parameters i.e. Accuracy, Concept, Explanation, Structure & Authoring guidelines.

Guess what? Legacy solution will be auto-transcribed & available in EP 2.0 editor to reduce your authoring time!  

Program details: 

  1. This is a pilot program for limited experts.
  2. This program can be modified/extended/withdrawn by Chegg any time.
  3. For more details on the terms of your engagement, please refer to Engagement T&Cs.

Walkthrough of the ‘Qs with legacy solutions’ experience:

  1. You can toggle between the Question and the legacy solution on the question deciding page.

  2. As you start solving, the solution image will be automatically transcribed into the editor.

  3. You are now required to give structure to the legacy solution as per the Q&A authoring guidelines. Add necessary tables, diagrams, figures, graphs, etc. if any using the EP 2.0 tools.  You can modify the transcribed content to create your own high-quality solution, if required. 

Guidelines to remember:

  1. Legacy solutions should be used ONLY as a reference to create a better-quality & well-structured solution.
  2. It is important to segregate the transcribed content into necessary steps and explanation blocks as per the EP 2.0 guidelines.
  3. It is required that the solution must be modified if required, as per the Q&A authoring guidelines. Quality reviews will be done based on the final work submitted by the expert and not on the legacy solution.

Frequently asked questions: 

What is a Legacy solution? Can I modify a legacy solution? 
Ans: Legacy solutions are the image-based/non-structured reference solutions available for some questions that are fetched from Chegg’s content archive. These solutions get auto transcribed into your EP 2.0 editor as you start solving. 
You should modify the reference solution while creating the new one if the reference solution is not as per the quality standards of Chegg. 
Can this program be modified by Chegg in the future? 
Ans: Yes, we are constantly working on improving your authoring experience and hence, this program can be modified/withdrawn accordingly. 
Will this impact my payments? 
Ans: The price per solution remains same, hence this should not affect your payments.

What If I am not able to understand the legacy solution?

Ans: If you are not able to comprehend the legacy solution but are sure on how to solve the question, then you can proceed as per the regular authoring guidelines.

Is this feature available for all experts? 
Ans: The Legacy Solutions feature is a pilot program and hence has been launched for limited experts only.

Will the Quality Review for these solutions be any different? 

Ans: No. Your work would be reviewed based on the final solution submitted by you as you are required to solve the questions as per the regular Q&A guidelines.  
Hence, the quality reviews would be done on the same 5 parameters – Accuracy, Concept, Explanation, Structure and Authoring guidelines. 

If a question with a legacy solution violates authoring guidelines, should I still solve it?

Ans: Every question, irrespective of whether it has a legacy solution or not, must be solved as per the latest Chegg Q&A guidelines. If the question contains Honor Code Violation, it must be skipped as per the HCV guidelines.

If I find reference/legacy solution to be incorrect/invalid, what should I do?

Ans: If you find the reference/legacy solution to be incorrect/invalid but are sure how to solve the question rightly (as per quality standards of Chegg), then you can proceed as per the Q&A authoring guidelines. 
If I find the auto-transcription to be incorrect/invalid, what should I do?

Ans: If you are sure how to solve the question rightly (as per quality standards of Chegg), you can edit the auto-transcribed content to provide best possible high-quality solution as per the Q&A authoring guidelines. 
If I find the reference/legacy solution to be correct/valid, can I still make modification in my version of solution?

Ans: Yes, while not mandatory, you can modify the solution ensuring that it adheres to the Q&A authoring guidelines and quality is not compromised.

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