Forgot Your Chegg Password? Easily Reset It in Few Steps

Reset/Forgot Password

How can I reset my password? I am not able to receive the link for 'forgot password"

Forgot Password:
If you are unable to sign in/incase of a password mismatch to your Chegg account, worry not. We have got you covered! Please follow the below steps or check this video:

In case of the wrong password, password reset, or login issue, we request you to either manually write or copy-paste the link in the browser and go to the site. Then, click on forgot password to reset the same (check the spam folder of your mailbox too) and log in.

If you don't receive any email, we request you kindly click on “Forgot Password” again.  At times due to technical glitches, you may experience some delay in receiving the email containing your password reset details. We suggest you check the password recovery mail in all the folders of your mailbox including the spam folder. Only you can reset your password on for your account.

If you are not able to click on the received password reset link, that’s because the email service provider is blocking the link due to the email being in the spam folder. Request you to click on "Report not as spam" on the delivered mail and retry again to reset the password from


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