Why does my Stats Reset on 1st of the month

All about "My stats" section on Q&A

My stats section on Chegg Q&A

Please check out the below video to know all about my stats section:

What is My stats section?

My stats section on Q&A authoring dashboard provides the information about number of questions you have skipped, solved and your CF score. You can find your daily, weekly, or monthly stats details in the dropdown menu.

Why my CF/solution/skip is NA?

If your solutions are not rated yet by students, the CF Score will be NA (Not available).

If you've not authored or skipped any question on Chegg Q&A, then the solution and skip count will be NA (Not available).

From where can you access all your solutions if they are not visible in stats?

Click on the My Answers tab on the Q&A dashboard to access all the solutions to have provided so far.

It’s important to note that the stats section including the CF score gets reset on the 1st of every month (at 1:30 PM from mid November- mid March and at 12:30 pm from mid march -15th November, as per DST timings). This provides a better clarification on number of questions skipped and solved in a month.

My Stats table is not getting update, please help!

At times, owing to temporary technical glitch/delay, you may see your solution count on the stats table to be less or not getting updated.  If your count does not get updated within 24 hrs, please raise a ticket.

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