Comprehensive Subject Topic Coverage on Chegg

Comprehensive Subject Topic Coverage on Chegg

Subject topic Coverage/Study Material

Every subject on Chegg Q&A receives questions from various topics, so it would not be feasible for us to share an exhaustive list of topics. However, here are some of the topics and subjects on which students often post questions:


Sub Subject/Sub topics




Cost and Managerial Accounting


General Accounting




Financial Accounting




Engineering Economics


General Economics


Corporate Finance


Financial Management


International Finance


Investment & Derivatives

Operations Management

General Business


Operations Management and Statistics



Chemical Engineering

Fluid Mechanics, Design, Separations


Reaction Engineering, Thermodynamics


Heat and Mass transfer, Mechanical Operations


Process dynamics and control, Design and economics

Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering and Fluid mechanics


Geotechnical engineering


Other civil engineering


Statics/Mechanics of materials/Structural analysis



Computer Science

Other Computer Science




C++ Programming


Java Programming


Python Programming


Data Structures


Microsoft Technologies -VB/Csharp/


Scripting Languages - HTML/Java Script/PHP/jQuery/LISP/Perl/Scheme/Racket


Assembly Language - MIPS/ARM/MARIE/x86/68k/Irvine




Computer Networks


Operating system


Computer organization and Architecture


Database Management Systems


MS Office


Software engineering


Management Information Systems


Logic Design and computer fundamentals 

Electrical Engineering

Analog & Digital Communications


Computer Methods in Engineering


Digital Circuits


Electrical Engineering


Micro-Electronic Circuits


Control Systems


Electric Circuits


Electrical Machines 


Electromagnetic theory


Power Electronics and Applications


Signals & Systems

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Mechanics / Vector Mechanics / Mechanics of Materials


Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines


Machine design / Theory of Machines / Vibration


Other Mechanical Engineering


Thermodynamics / Refrigeration & Air Conditioning / Heating, Ventilating and Air conditioning / Heat and Mass transfer


Material science/Manufacturing engineering/Production engineering. 

Advanced Math

Abstract Algebra


Differential Equations


Linear Algebra


Partial Differential equations


Real Analysis

Advanced Physics

Classical Mechanics




Quantum Mechanics


Solid State Physics-Optics-Photonics


Thermal & Statistical Mechanics - Astrophysics & Astronomy




General Biology / Botany / Environmental Sciences / Evolution / Zoology


Microbiology / Molecular and Cellular Biology / Home Science


Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry


Organic Chemistry


Physical Chemistry

Earth Sciences

Environmental Science
















Electricity & Magnetism - Light (195)


Heat and Thermodynamics (193)


Mechanics & Fluid dynamics (187)


Modern Physics (197)


Oscillations and Mechanical Waves (191)


Clinical Psychology


Social Psychology

Note: We will be shortly updating the sub-subjects/sub-topics for remaining subject on Chegg Q&A.

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