Facing Technical Issues/Website glitches?

Technical Issues/Website glitches

My Stats table is not getting update, please help

At times, owing to temporary technical glitch/delay, you may see your solution count on the stats table to be less or not getting updated.  If your count does not get updated within 24 hrs, please raise a ticket.

Solution size is longer than expected error

This issue is already forwarded to the tech team and they are working on increasing the authoring size. Meanwhile, we request you to kindly shorten your solution as per the size.

Something went wrong error

Your account is working fine and the above errors are temporary technical error. You may try deleting your browser history cache and cookies and try authoring again. You can also try authoring from different browser or sign out and sign in once again.

Blank screen: You may not able to access your account through a laptop due to a service provider or device issue. We request you to kindly either use incognito mode or change your network provider or use a different device. 

Verify as human: We request you to kindly either use incognito mode or change your network provider or use a different device. If you still face the errors, please share the video of the errors once again by raising a ticket. 

Our tech team is working towards a permanent fix for the above issues. Request your patience and co-operation for the same.

Auto Skip: My question got skipped automatically, what to do?

Question on Q&A Board gets skipped automatically because of following reasons: 
Login in from multiple browsers
Disruption of internet connection
Leaving computer/laptop screen inactive for more than 15 minutes.

Please make sure that you do not let the above three reasons to occur and always clear your browser history, cache and cookies for better authoring experience.

If the problem still persists, then please raise a ticket.

I am getting the same questions again and again on my authoring page even after skipping it multiple times, what should i do?

Sometimes questions get locked in the browser and appear repeatedly after skipping.
We recommend you to kindly logout and login again after clearing your browser history, cache and cookies or you can login from another browser.

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