The Price Multiplier Program

The Price Multiplier Program

We are super excited to introduce a new BETA program - The Price Multiplier program. This program is specially curated to have higher payouts for experts delivering high-quality solutions. 

Improve your Chegg and student rating to increase your authoring multiplier and authoring limit.

What does it mean? 
You can earn higher if you continue to deliver high-quality solutions.
Ex. If the base price per valid solution in your subject is INR 100/-, then a payout multiplier of 1.2X will fetch you INR 120/- for that day.

Program details:

  1. This is a pilot program.
  2. You will know the price multiplier for each day on the authoring dashboard which will refresh daily along with your authoring limit and other stats at 12:30 PM IST.
  3. Maintain your CF Score > 80% & QC Score > 4 continuously to acheive the best price multiplier.
  4. This program can be modified/extended/withdrawn by Chegg any time.
  5. For more details on the terms of your engagement, please refer to Engagement T&Cs.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1. What is the Price multiplier? How is the price multiplier decided? 
Ans. Price multiplier program is a pilot program for limited experts and is in the experiment phase currently. In this experiment, your price per solution will be decided basis of the quality of your recently submitted solutions. 

Q2. What is the duration of the price multiplier program ?? 
Ans. This experiment is currently live for all the experts. 
You will be notified at the time of its completion/withdrawal/updates.
Q3. How can I know my price multiplier? 

Ans. Price multiplier for the entire experiment tenure will be visible on your authoring dashboard along with your day’s authoring limit. 
Q4. Can my price multiplier be fixed? 

Ans. No. The price multiplier will refresh daily along with your authoring limit and other stats at 12:30 PM IST. 

Q5. Why is my price multiplier different from my fellow expert? 
Ans. Price multiplier program is a pilot program. Hence, you can have a different multiplier than your fellow expert basis the quality of your recently submitted solutions. 
Q6. Can this program be modified by Chegg in the future? 

Ans. Yes, we are constantly working on improving your authoring experience and hence, this program can be modified/withdrawn accordingly. 

Q7. How does this affect my payment?
Ans. You can earn more if you continue to deliver high-quality solutions.
Ex. If the base price per valid solution in your subject is INR 100/-, then a price multiplier of 1.2X will fetch you INR 120/- for all valid solutions that day.
or If you have a price multiplier of 0.75X will fetch you INR 75/- all valid solutions that day.

Q8. Am I eligible for this program?
Ans. Yes, all experts are eligible.

Q9. What is the authoring limit?
Ans. Today's Authoring limit available on your dashboard represents the number of questions you can solve today. This limit refreshes based on your performance every day at 12:30 along with your other stats.

Q10. How can I increase my daily authoring limit?
Ans. Your daily authoring limit depends on the Recent Chegg and Student ratings, so make sure you submit high-quality solutions to get a higher authoring limit.

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