What do you mean by Abusive question?

Questions violating Chegg Honor Code

My question/solution has been flagged as Honor Code Violation, what should I do?

As per our quality team, you have violated Chegg's honor code in your recent solution/question. We suggest you to kindly go through our recent 
authoring guidelines and training programs on the Chegg learning platform.

You will be glad to know that now you can check the reason for solution/question deletion. Kindly check the respective solution/question in the My Solution section of the authoring dashboard.


Please make sure you submit a correct and complete solution and follow the authoring guidelines. C
ontinuous flagging of honor code violation questions/solutions are grounds for the revocation of authoring privileges.

What are Questions violating Chegg Honor Code? Question is containing external link, can I answer it?

Questions containing external link are considered as Questions violating Chegg Honor Code.

Such questions should NEVER be solved and should always be skipped as "This question violates authoring guidelines: with the sub-option, Copyright/External URL”. Please check out this video below:

Please note: 
In addition to the above, all questions which contain any of the following phrases/types of questions should be SKIPPED as "This question violates authoring guidelines:” with the applicable sub-options “Exam/Test/Quiz, Copyright/External URL, Requires Lab work, Spam or Points/Marks/Grades”:

- 'Exam' or 'Examinations'

-Question with third party link, asking to visit a third-party website!

- 'Quiz'
- 'Graded assignment'
- ‘Examinations Institute’
- ‘Div Ched’
- ‘ACS’
- ‘Fall 20XX’

- 'Spring 20xx'
- ‘Test’ 
- ‘Copyrighted' or 'Copyright protected document’ or any other copyrighted work etc.

Also, if you come across any question which contains threatening, violent or harassing messages, please skip them as "This question violates authoring guidelines: with the sub-option, Spam".

Chegg reserves the right to NOT PAY for answers that violate Chegg Honor Code.

Can I give external link if asked in the question for reference?

Do not provide any external link in the answer as it will be in violation of Chegg Honor Code.

However if you think that question can be answered without providing any external link, then please feel free to answer such questions else if the question cannot be answered without providing the link, then you can skip the question as abusive.

I Skipped one question into "This question violates authoring guidelines:” by mistake, what should I do? Will my account be revoked?

Don't worry this time!  

But please make sure that you are very careful from next time while skipping questions on Chegg Q&A Board.  If you skip questions which are not violating Chegg Honor Code under the reason "This question violates authoring guidelines:” often, your account will be revoked.

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