Understanding Chegg Account Status:  Check if Your Account is Active or Revoked

Understanding Chegg Account Status: Check if Your Account is Active or Revoked

Important: Once revoked, the Expert Q&A account cannot be reinstated in the same or any other subject. Also, re-registration in the same or different subject is not possible.

I am getting revoke message after login; is my Chegg account revoked?  

Yes, if you are getting the below revocation message, then your Chegg expert account has been revoked.

What can lead to the revocation of your account at Chegg?

An account on Chegg gets revoked due to non-adherence to Authoring Guidelines. Some of the most common reasons for revocation of authoring privileges are: 

  1. Low CF score
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Question skipping with Incorrect/Incomplete reason
  4. Spam/Incomplete solutions
  5. Blurred images attached with solution
  6. Upvoting requests in the solution
  7. Incorrect solution
  8. solutions based on assumptions in incomplete questions
  9. Calculation errors 


After an account is revoked, experts are still paid for all the valid solutions submitted by them at the time of final payment settlement. Payments are settled in the upcoming payment cycle (15th date of the upcoming month). Learn more about the Chegg Payment Process here. 

Check if your account is active or not on Chegg

If your account on Chegg is active, you will be able to see the Q&A Dashboard after login.

Please check out the video to learn more:

Steps to solve questions on Chegg Q&A-


Go to https://expert.chegg.com and sign in with your credentials: 

 Important: If you're having trouble with the link, please copy and paste the link below into your browser 
http://expert.chegg.com. We request you to sign in normally via your registered email ID (your username is the same as your registered email ID) and password as usual without any space before or after the email id. 
·      Login ID: XXX@gmail.com 
·      Password:  Shared on mail (After successful login, please change your password for security reasons) 

·      In case of a password mismatch, click on "forget password" option. You will shortly receive an email from Chegg Password Recovery (noreply@chegg.com) containing a password reset link. Please wait for some time for the email and don’t forget to check the spam folder. Follow the instructions received on your register email id to reset your password. 
After successful log in, click on "Start solving" to author questions on Chegg Q&A. Learn everything about ‘How to solve questions on Chegg’ here. 

Should I stop solving when my account on Chegg is revoked?

Once your expert account on Chegg is revoked, you will no longer be able to solve any question on Chegg.

Will Chegg reinstate my account? 

Once revoked, the expert account can never be reinstated again in the same or any other subject.

Can I apply again with a different/same email ID on Chegg? 

Please note that once a Chegg Expert account is created, it cannot be created again in the same or any other subject, whether your existing account on Chegg is active or revoked. We do not allow experts to create multiple accounts on Chegg.

Note: Do not register with a different email ID as our system will detect duplicity, and no payment will be made for the solutions submitted.

My friend’s account got reinstated. Why is my account not reinstated on Chegg?

We do not reinstate the revoked accounts. If your account is eligible for reinstatement, we will reach out to you.

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