Dynamic Authoring Limit

Dynamic Authoring Limit

The criteria for calculating your Daily Authoring Limit have been revised. Now the quality of your solutions will decide your daily solving limit.

On Chegg Q&A Board, your Daily Authoring Limit is refreshed at 12:30 PM everyday along with your stats and updated based on your past authoring performance. The limit warning is shown when you reach your respective limit in the day from 12:31 PM to next day 12:29 PM.

Let us Explain with an example - Let's say your Authoring Limit for today is 10 (Refreshed at 12:30PM) and you log in at 12:31 PM to solve questions. Now, you will be able to solve 10 questions between 12:31PM to 12:29 PM the next day.

If your Authoring Limit is met for the day, we request you to come back tomorrow at 12:31PM.

This limit is present to make your authoring experience familiar and easy-going, enabling you to give good quality solutions with no honor code violations as you solve more and more in the upcoming period.

Your performance is closely monitored and it needs to be maintained constantly. You won’t be stuck with the current limit, provided you author good quality solutions continuously.


Q1. What is the authoring limit?
Ans. Today's Authoring limit available on your dashboard represents the number of questions you can solve today. This limit refreshes based on your performance every day at 12:30 along with your other stats.

Q2. How can I increase my daily authoring limit?
Ans. Your daily authoring limit depends on the Recent Chegg and Student ratings, so make sure you submit high-quality solutions to get a higher authoring limit.

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