How to Solve Questions on Chegg Q&A: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to solve questions on Chegg Q&A

Steps to solve questions on Chegg Q&A

Please check out the video: 

1.  Go to and sign in with your credentials:

 Important: If you're having trouble with the link, please copy and paste the below link into your browser
·      Login ID: (username is email id only)
·      Password:  Shared on mail (After successful login, please change your password for security reasons)

·      In case of a password mismatch, click on "forget password" option. You will shortly receive an email from Chegg Password Recovery ( containing a password reset link. Please wait for some time for the email and don’t forget to check the spam folder. Follow the instructions received on your registered email ID to reset your password.

Click on "Start authoring" after successful log-in to author questions on the Chegg Q&A authoring dashboard.

Note: You get 10 minutes to decide whether you want to solve a question or skip to the next question, and you get 120 minutes ( 2 hours) to solve it.

I am not able to click on password reset button

You are not able to click on the respective link as the email service provider (Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail etc.)  is blocking the link due to the email being in the spam folder.

Request you to click on "Report not as spam" on the delivered mail and retry again to reset the password from In case of the wrong password, password reset, or login issue, we request you to either manually write or copy-paste the link in the browser and go to the site. Then, click on forgot password to reset the same (check the spam folder of your mailbox too) and log in.

I am not able to complete my solutions within allotted time of two hours, please help!

Don't worry! We have now added bonus authoring time of 1hr in each solution.  We would recommend you to carefully choose questions which you can solve within the three-hour time limit. However, if you are unable to submit your solution within the allotted time, the question will automatically be skipped.  

You may find some questions which can be solved well within one hour while others may take a bit more time. 

Note: Please attempt only those questions that you will confidently be able to solve within two hours'.

In some questions, students have posted many questions/many sub parts; do I have to solve all the questions? Also, will i get paid separately for each question?

As per the Chegg Q&A Guidelines you must solve all sub-parts of a multiple sub-part question or the part of the question preferred by the student. In case of multiple unrelated/different questions, the first question should be solved. This will not only provide the student with a more helpful solution but also help you get good feedback!

Both multiple sub-part question and multiple questions, are counted as one , not separate, and the payment for the same is  done accordingly. To learn more 
please click on this link. 

I received a question from a different subject; can I solve the question if I know the solution?

Feel free to solve questions from different subjects only if you are 100% sure about the solution. Also, make sure you provide a step-by-step and detailed explanation.

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