Why Are There No Questions in the Queue in My Chegg Q&A Dashboard?

No Questions in the Queue

I don’t see any questions in the queue, please help!

Please note that the question volume has decreased now due to student's semester break and it will be back by September'24Don't worry! Your account is working perfectly fine. Also, the Question volume is normally low in daytime and the highest at night between 1 AM - 8 AM, do login at night to solve maximum limited questions. 

Author high-quality solutions to achieve greater availability of questions, i.e., regularly maintain a CF score greater than 80% & QC score above 4. This will also help in increasing your daily authoring limit.

Check this video for more info.

You're not seeing any questions because all available questions have been locked by other experts for authoring. A locked question means that either an Expert is currently reading a question or authoring it. At a time, a question can be viewed only by a single expert. You can either try and refresh your page at different time intervals or log in later to view questions in your subject.  Login between 1AM-8AM everyday to solve maximum questions.

Most of our experts solve questions late at night  or early morning . Therefore, to solve questions from your favorite topics, we recommend you to log in during this time and maximize your earnings. To learn more about this, click here. 

NOTE: Basic Maths subjects (Precalculus, Trigonometry, Geometry, Prealgebra, Algebra) have a comparatively less question volume subjects as compared to Advanced Math or Statistics and Probability.

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