How to Avoid Plagiarism on Chegg: Understand, Check, and Prevent


What is Plagiarism? How can I avoid plagiarism?

Please go through this short tutorial on PLAGIARISM and what you should do to avoid it!

Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s work and representing it as your own in any way.

Chegg follows a zero-tolerance policy against plagiarism. Our in house-team has sophisticated softwares which can detect plagiarism with 100% accuracy.

If you fail to submit the solutions according to Chegg’s Q&A guidelines our in-house team will check your solutions and strict action will be taken. This can also lead to immediate revocation of your authoring privileges.

 For  better understanding, we have summarized some Do’s and Don’ts for plagiarism

Important: Do not copy any content from as it will be classified as Plagiarism which will lead to immediatrevocation of your authoring privileges. 


        Write your content/solution in your own language

        Explain your solutions step by step

              Support your solutions with explanations and examples
  1. In the case of standard definitions/theorems/laws you must rephrase or write them in your own words to avoid plagiarism.



        Don’t copy/paste, screenshot, or take photos of any work that isn’t yours

        Don’t repeat a portion of the question in the solution

        Don’t copy complete or partial sentences

        Don’t use any search engine

        Don’t post links to external sources

        Don’t use any images, graphs, charts, diagrams,etc that are not yours

                Don’t make any attempts to pass off work as your own by altering slightly

Can I solve a question which I have already solved previously?

In case you get the same question which you have previously solved, always add more explanation/steps to your solution for the student’s better learning experience. Copying the same solution without any added information will be considered self-plagiarism and will result in low CF score and authoring quality.

If you're unable to modify the same question's solution (already submitted solution), please skip it under “I cannot solve this question, because: with the sub-option, I don’t know the solution”.