Quality review- Expert platform 2.0- Now live on your authoring dashboard

Quality review- Expert platform 2.0- Now live on your authoring dashboard

Quality Review

Quality reviews are feedback given on your solutions by our quality team so that you can improve your overall authoring quality for students' better learning experience.

Please check out this video about quality reviews.

Your solutions are reviewed by our quality team mainly based on 5 parameters. 

Accuracy – All your solutions should be correct and as per the requirement of the student. It should be free from any kind of error.

Concept – Your solutions should have the correct concept and implementation of that concept should be done with the correct approach.

Explanation – Always provide step-by-step detailed solutions with proper explanations explaining all variables/functions and formulas used for students’ better learning experience.

Structure – It is now mandatory that you submit your solution in a structured format as defined in Expert platform 2.0 authoring guidelines.

Authoring Guidelines – While providing solutions, you must follow our authoring guidelines and should always adhere to it.

For more detail on authoring guidelines, please click here

Now let’s understand how you can check your quality review on your dashboard. 

Here is How?
- To check your Quality Reviews, go to the 'My Answers' tab.

You will find:
Chegg Rating – Feedback shared by the Chegg Quality team.
Student Rating – Feedback shared by the students.

The badge under 'Chegg Rating' indicates that your Quality Review for that solution is done.

The new feature has three colors of badges:

- Green means “satisfactory”
- Yellow means “neutral”
- Red means “unsatisfactory”

Please note: You will not be paid for solutions for which you receive "a Red Badge" in the Quality Review

Click question links in the 'My Answers' tab to view the respective solutions that you have submitted; its detailed review feedback will be available on the right side.


 Please note: You will continue to receive the Quality Reviews on your email.

My question has been flagged with Honor Code Violation!

As per our quality team, you have violated Chegg's honor code in your recent solution.

We suggest you to kindly go through our recent authoring guidelines and training programs on the Chegg learning platform. Click here to check out the Expert Engagement Terms and Conditions.

Please make sure you submit correct and complete solutions and follow the authoring guidelines.

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