How to upload images in the solution

To upload supporting images in the solution

How can I upload images in the solution?

Please take a moment to go through a short tutorial on HOW TO UPLOAD IMAGES as a part of your solutions:

In new expert platform 2.0, you are not allowed to submit handwritten/image based solutions. Please submit only typed solutions.
However, to support your solution, you can upload the image (only when required) using the upload image option and label by adding lines, alt text on the image using the tool.Example- graphs, diagrams images etc

Follow the below steps to upload an image:
Step 1: In the authoring window, click the image icon on the toolbar in the middle. Now upload an Image by dragging a file on the authoring section or click on the block to upload the file from your system.
Step 2: After selecting/dragging in Image, click on the ‘Upload Image’ button to add the image to the solution
Step 3: To add a label/text to an image, click on the text label icon.
Please note: It is now mandatory that all upload images must have an alt text describing the image
Step-4: Repeat steps 2 to 4 in case you wish to upload multiple images in the same solution

ONLY jpeg and png files are allowed to be uploaded. Additionally, the file size should not exceed 2 MB per file.

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