Everything you need to know about Chegg CF score.

CF Score

What is Chegg CF score? 

Chegg CF score is a measure of the quality of solutions you submit. It is typically the % of positive ratings your solutions receive and is based on ratings given by students. 
Note: Quality badges are not converted into ratings, thus, the CF Score calculation is done on the basis of student ratings only. 


Know all about Chegg CF score with this video: 

To continue contributing on Chegg Q&A, you are advised to maintain a healthy CF score of 80% and above. 


Note: Low CF scores are grounds for revocation of authoring privileges. 


CF Score calculation  

Let us give you an example of how the CF score is calculated. If you have submitted 20 solutions and you get a total of 10 ratings, with eight positive and 2 negative ratings then your CF score is 80% (8 positive ratings/ 10 total ratings). 

Now if you get one more positive rating, then your CF score will be 9/11 (positive ratings/total ratings) = 81.8% but if you get a negative rating, then your CF score will be 8/11= 72.7%. 

Why am I seeing a "Low CF Score" warning when my CF Score is above 80% in My Stats? 
It means your overall CF Score is below 80%. In My Stats, only monthly, weekly, and daily CF Score is displayed.

How can I improve my Chegg CF score? I want to provide high Quality Solutions. 

Check out this short tutorial on how to avoid giving incorrect solutions:

 We would like to convey crucial points that will not only help you improve your authoring quality/CF score, but also build a great profile with us. 
Below are the common errors which experts usually make while authoring: 
Plagiarized Solution – Plagiarism is using someone else’s work and presenting it as a part of your solution. Note: If you are not sure about the solution, then skip the question using “I cannot solve this question because” with the sub-option, “I don’t know the solution”. 
Giving Direct Solutions to Multiple Choices Questions – As per the guidelines, provide detailed steps/explanations for the correct options as well as reasons for why other options are incorrect. If you are authoring anything just make sure the handwriting is very clear and legible. 
Writing comments in the authoring section about a question – Authoring section is for submitting solutions only! You might get revoked due to this, and we never want that to happen! 
If a question has a link to another website for details – We do not appreciate this from the students. Please SKIP such questions by selecting this reasoning: "This question violates authoring guidelines” with the sub-option, “Copyright/External URL". 
Calculation errors –Please double-check the calculation before submitting the solution. Your hard work will be in vain if you make such errors. 
Not Skipping Incomplete Questions – If a question is incomplete, then you should SKIP the question using “I cannot solve this question, because” with the sub-option, “Question is incomplete” and provide what is missing comments in the SKIP section only. Do not write any comments in the authoring section. 
Always submit correct, step-by-step, and detailed explanation in your solutions. You can attach neat images and diagrams if required. 


For more clarity on Chegg Q&A Authoring Guidelines , please check out our latest guideline documents- Chegg-authoring-guideline

Students are down voting my solution even when my solutions are correct? What should I do?

Students usually down vote solutions if they find them to be incorrect/irrelevant/incomplete, generally students do so when they are not able to understand the solution posted by experts. Please explain the solution in detail to ensure the student's understanding and satisfaction.

For detailed information, check out the video below:

Note: Please refrain from posting unnecessary/ argumentative/ irrelevant comments as this may lead to revocation of your authoring privileges.

Many students can view your solution and hence you may receive multiple ratings on your solution. Also we do not review solutions on request. Once students rate the solution, it is not possible to change the rating unless they upvote or downvote the same.