Check My Structure: A Feature To Create Better-Structured Chegg Solutions

Check My Structure: A Feature To Create Better-Structured Chegg Solutions

The ‘Check My Structure’ feature on the Chegg authoring platform serves as a 24/7 guide to help you create better-structured solutions. 

The ‘Check Structure’ button is always available while you create your solution.




When you click the ‘Submit your solution’ button, a pop-up with structuring recommendations will appear as shown below:



Please note that you must achieve 75% of the total points in "Check My Structure" to submit your solution. In some subjects, it is 70% as well.

So, reap maximum benefits from this feature to create better structured high quality and well-structured solutions on Chegg! 
To learn more on how to solve questions on Chegg, please click on this link. 
Please Note: 
  • Well-structured solutions receive higher ratings. 

  • The score provided in the 'Check Structure' pop-up is an indicator of how well your solution is structured; it does not guarantee that your solution is correct. This score may differ from your final QC/CF score. To learn more about CF score, click on this link.

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