Providing good quality solution on Chegg Q&A Board?

How to give a good quality solution on Chegg Q&A Board?

To Provide good quality solution on Chegg Q&A Board, follow the given points:

  • Always submit correct and complete solutions with step-by-step detailed explanations in a well-organized manner.
  • Highlight key points, important steps, and common points of confusion wherever possible
  • Use new lines and spacing whenever possible to improve the structure and readability of a solution
  • Use diagrams, tables, charts, and graphs to illustrate solutions.

Check out this informative video on incorrect solutions.

Note: We follow a Zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. Please make sure you rephrase your solution in your own words even if you take any reference from other sources.

For more detail on authoring guidelines, please click on Chegg-authoring-guideline


For better authoring quality, use the below features of Expert platform 2.0:-

 1. Math in TextIt is a three-line feature that helps you solve mathematical expressions. You can either click on the math in text icon on the editor or type “==” to enable math in text. With the help of the tooltip library, you can insert math symbols.

Line-1- Explain/describe your mathematical expression/formula.

Line-2- Enter the actual expression and values.

Line-3 The block will automatically calculate the solution.

 Post entering the data, your expression will be displayed in a latex form with math symbols. Clicking again on the block will allow you to edit your text/expression/formula. There is no linking between line 1 and line 2. The Results is only calculated on the basis of values entered in line 2. At once, it can solve only one mathematical expression. 


      2.  Equation renderer- It helps you in writing multiple mathematical equations in a latex form in your solution. Use the tooltip to insert preneed symbols and equations related to math, Greek, text, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Precalculus. This tool helps you create mass expression. It does not perform any calculations.


      3. Code snippet inserter: With the help of this feature, you can type your code in the authoring editor or copy your code from a code writing application or IDE or any programming software as it helps you retain the indentation of your code. With the help of this tool, you can change the coding language and the color of the programming code.


Math in text and equation renderer follows all Ascii symbols. You can find the complete list here:


      4. Image upload and labelingThis feature allows you to upload images in solutions, add labels and modify them.  

You can now add supporting images to your solve like diagrams/graphs etc. but you cannot upload your complete solution as an image in expert platform 2.0. Please make sure you always describe/add an explanation in all text to your image while uploading to successfully submit your solution otherwise It will show an error


      5. Inbuilt tablesYou can create new tables or select a table from the predefined table template- example-Budget table, cost of goods sold template, income statement template, Net present value template etc.

You can perform various excel functions on tables, like cell merge, split existing merge cells, add, cut, copy & paste cells, rows, and columns, etc. 

Common errors which experts usually commit while authoring:

•           Plagiarized Solution – Plagiarism is using someone else’s work and submitting it as a part of your solution. Note: If you are not sure about the solution then skip the question using the “Do not have the subject knowledge’’ option.

•           Giving Direct Solutions to Multiple Choices Questions – As per the guideline, provide detailed steps/explanations for the correct solutions. If you are authoring anything just make sure the handwriting is very clear and legible.

•           Writing comments in the solution section about a question – Solving section is for submitting solutions only! You might get revoked due to this, and we never want that to happen!

•           If a question has a link to another website for details – We do not appreciate this from the students. Please SKIP such questions as Abusive/Spam.

•           Calculation errors –Please double-check the calculation before submitting the solution. Your challenging work will be in vain if you make some calculation errors.

•           Not Skipping Incomplete Questions – If a question is incomplete, then you should SKIP the question with the ‘Needs More Information’ tag and provide comments in the SKIP section only. Do not write any comments in the authoring section/comments section.

I am not able to submit my solution, it says I have used some special word/character?

Our Authoring editor restricts some special words and characters like a tutor, coaching, center, WhatsApp, contact number, etc. to prevent any kind of abusive activity. You can use such words with a hyphen; for example- Tu-tor, cent-er. 

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