Why Students Downvote Chegg Solutions and How to avoid it.

Why Students Downvote Chegg Solutions and How to avoid it.

Student Ratings 

Student ratings on Chegg solutions are the ratings provided by the students in the form of Thumbs up or Thumbs down. 


Students are downvoting my Chegg solutions even when my solutions are correct. What should I do? 

Students usually down vote Chegg solutions if they find them to be incorrect/irrelevant/incomplete. Generally,students do so when they are not able to understand the solution posted by experts. Please explain your solutions in detail to ensure students’ understanding and satisfaction. 

Now you can view the downvote reasons selected by students (Incorrect, Incomplete, Inappropriate) by clicking on the downvote drop-down arrow in your "My solutions" tab on authoring dashboard and improve your authoring accordingly.



Many students can view your solution and hence you may receive multiple ratings on your solution. Also, we do not review solutions on request. Once students rate the solution, it is not possible to change the rating unless they upvote or downvote the same.

For detailed information, check out the videos below: 


Can downvotes be removed by raising a support ticket?

No, student feedback is valuable for us and can only be changed by students themselves.

Can we request a Quality review on downvoted solution?

No, Your solution may/may not be evaluated by quality team and it cannot be reviewed under request.

Can a solution receive multiple ratings?

Yes, Since multiple students view your solutions. Hence, you can receive multiple ratings.

Thank you for your dedication to providing high-quality solutions!

Note: Please refrain from posting unnecessary/ argumentative/ irrelevant comments in your solution as this may lead to revocation of your authoring privileges.

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