Chegg Frequently Asked Questions: Find Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Chegg Frequently Asked Questions: Find Answers to Your Most Common Questions

FAQs (Frequent Ask Questions) 

1) I'm not able to access my account as it is revoked; please reinstate!

Once revoked, an account cannot be reinstated in the same or any other subject. Payments are processed by the 15th of every month for the valid solutions. To avoid revocation, please follow the Chegg Authoring Guidelines through and through. 
2) My IFSC code has been changed due to a bank merger or shift in branch. Can I change it?

Yes, you can update your IFSC code. Raise a ticket with the proof (updated passbook/Cheque book/m-passbook/SMS/Email from the bank with the new IFSC code). 

3) Can I change my Q&A subject preference? 

You are expected to work only in subjects allocated to you at the time of your registration. We do not entertain any subject modification requests. 
4) I am an expert at Chegg and have provided solutions; can I get an experience certificate? 

Yes, every expert with at least 1 solution can download their certificate from the Payment dashboard. Refer to this video for more info.

Please note: Chegg does not provide a relieving letter to any expert.

5) When will I get paid for my solutions? 

Payments are processed by the 15th of every month for all valid solutions submitted in the previous month between 1st –and 31st/30th. For example, payment for the solutions submitted in the month of May will be processed by 15th June, and so on. 
6) From where can I download my payment details?

You can download your payment details from your payment dashboard. Refer to this video for more info. 

7) My stats are not updating.  What should I do? 

It takes 30 minutes for the stats to update, but kindly wait for 24 hours. If stats do not update, write to us along with a screenshot of the issue.   

8) Does my CF score or solution quality have any impact on my payment? 

Yes, maintaining a healthy CF Score is essential for receiving payments. If the quality of your solutions drops below our quality standards, Chegg reserves the right to deduct an appropriate amount from your payouts. Please also note that payments are not made for HCV-violated/Red badge solutions. 

9) Do I get to know details of the solutions for which payments were deducted by Chegg for not conforming to quality standards? 

No. When our in-house team identifies a solution that does not conform to our quality standards, the solution gets deleted from our platform immediately to ensure students do not have a poor learning experience. Once the solution is deleted, you will not be able to view the same. 
10) My payment has been returned back; I have received a link to update my bank details. When will my payment be credited? 

After successful verification of your bank details, your payment will be credited in next month's payment cycle.  
11) What do I do if I exceed my authoring threshold limit for the day? 

You can come back the next day to submit more solutions. Your daily authoring threshold gets revised based on your daily performance. The better you perform, the higher your authoring limit will be. 
12) Who evaluates my solutions? When do I get a feedback report? 
Our in-house team evaluates the quality of your solutions for accuracy and conformance to authoring guidelines on regular intervals and shares a feedback report in the "My answers" section of your Chegg Q&A. 
13) A student has downvoted my correct solution; what to do? 

Please note that students provide ratings as per their understanding of the concept from your solution. You can receive multiple ratings from many students, but one student can provide only one rating on a single solution. Student ratings cannot be altered or changed. You can get an upvote and downvote on the same solution, as the other student may dislike the solution.  
14)  I am getting the “something went wrong” error. What should I do? 
It might be a temporary error; try working on a different browser. If the problem persists, write back to us with a screenshot. To learn more, click on this link. 
15) How can I calculate my CF score?  
You can calculate your CF score using this formula: (positive ratings/total ratings*100). Refer to this video for more info. 
16) Can I opt out?  
Yes, you can. But you cannot join back in the same or different subject. Write to us, and we will help you. 
17) Can I edit/comment on my solution?  
In Expert platform 2.0, you cannot edit/comment on your solution. 
18) Can I update my email ID?  
No expert is allowed to update the email ID after successful registration.  
19) Can I update my mobile number?  
No. We entertain mobile number update requests only in case of theft or contact number not in use.  
20) How many questions can I skip? Can it revoke my account? Does existing questions impact my performance/CF score? 

You can skip as many questions as you like. However, please ensure you select the correct reason while skipping because selecting the wrong reason would be considered an abusive activity. No, existing questions will not impact your performance. Please solve only those questions which you are 100% confident about. 
21) Is hiring currently open?  
For any hiring related queries reach out here: (  
22) I am getting the “you are a robot” error; is my account revoked?  
No, it is a browser or search engine problem. Kindly change the browser, and if the problem persists, write to us.  
23) Where can I get the authoring guidelines?  
You can download the authoring guidelines from this link. For specific platform 2.0 authoring guidelines, click here 
24) I have applied for Basic math but have been provided with Geometry/Algebra/prealgebra. What should I do?  
Do not worry, these subjects are part of Basic Math.  
25) Am I eligible for Bonus?  
You will be communicated via mail if there would be any Bonus scheme running.  
26) What areAutomated Solutions on Chegg Q&A? Is there any pay difference in normal vs AE solutions? 
To save your time, for some questions, our system will generate automated solutions that will be available on the authoring window. You can accept and submit the solution as it is, edit the suggested solution and submit, or reject it. There is no change in payout for both types of solutions. Please note that the quality of the solution should always be ensured, even if you use system-generated Automated Solutions. 
27) My Q&A says no questions in the queue, please help! 

You're not seeing any questions because all available questions have been locked by other experts for authoring. You can either try and refresh your page at different time intervals or log in later to view questions in your subject. Also, the question volume is comparatively low on the weekends. 
28) What is the best time to log in?

On Chegg Q&A, students post most of their questions between 1AM and 8AM every day. Therefore, to solve more questions from your favorite topics, we recommend you to log in during this time so that you can maximize your earnings.  
29) Can I attempt those questions in which terms like marks, points, exam etc. are mentioned? 
No. Please refer to the authoring guidelines here. 
30) What is Equation Renderer, and how can we merge a series of questions? 

This new tool on Expert Platform 2.0 helps you write multiple mathematical equations in a latex form in your solution. Please refer the link to learn more about equation renderer. 
31) What are the New libraries in the Math tools on Expert platform 2.0?

The Library Tooltip can also be used to add content. Click the “Show Tooltip" button to expand the library and click any of the symbols, expressions, or equations to insert into the editor. For more info, please click here. 
32) I have not received any student rating on questions. Will my account get revoked/how will it affect my payment? 

Generally, it takes 7-10 days for your solutions to get rated by students. Students may or may not rate all of your submitted solutions. Kindly need not worry, as you will be paid for all the valid solutions that you submit, irrespective of student ratings. 
33) What is Check My Structure (CMS)?  

When you have completed your solution and you click on"Submit your answer", your solution will be evaluated by our new feature CMS- Check my structure, which helps you author better quality step-by-step solutions. Until you get a minimum CMS score of 75%, you will not be able to submit your solution. To learn more, Click Here 
34) I want to solve via phone/mobile on Platform 2.0!  

This experience works best on a PC/laptop. Some features may not work while solving through mobile. 
35) How can I use tools in Expert Platform 2.0? 

All tools are available on the expert authoring dashboard and can be inserted in any step. Please check out this video and learn how to use all tools. 
36) I am not able to upload handwritten solutions. 

Uploading handwritten solutions is prohibited on Expert Platform 2.0 and will attract a penalty if done so. You can upload the image (only when required) using the “upload image” option and label by adding lines and alt text on the image using the tool. 
37)How can I draw complex diagrams? 

By using a drawing tool, you can create complex diagrams and figures. Please watch this video for complete information. 
38) What is the maximum number of steps that I can add to my solution?  

There is no limitation in adding the number of steps, as long as your solution is well explained. 
39) Does the CF score only include student rating or QC review as well?  

On Expert Platform 2.0, your ratings done by the in-house quality team are not converted into your CF score. Only students' ratings are considered in your CF score.

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