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        • The Price Multiplier Program- For limited experts only

          We are super excited to introduce a new BETA program - The Price Multiplier program. This program is specially curated to have higher payouts for experts delivering high-quality solutions. Improve your Chegg and student rating to increase your ...
        • Automated Solutions on Chegg Q&A!

          We are super excited to announce the release of our newest feature on EP 2.0 – Automated Solutions. With this feature, you can reduce your authoring time significantly. Curious to know, how it works. For some questions, our system will generate ...
        • How to improve the quality of your solutions.

          Tutorial video on QC parameters - This is how your QC score looks like on Q&A dashboard - QC Review Reason Codes: Accuracy Reason Code Definition Suggestions Incomplete answer A complete answer starts with the problem's objective OR introduces ...
        • Dynamic Authoring Limit

          The criteria for calculating your Daily Authoring Limit have been revised. Now the quality of your solutions will decide your daily solving limit. On Chegg Q&A Board, your Daily Authoring Limit is refreshed at 12:30 PM everyday along with your stats ...
        • Quality Based Incentive Program

          You can earn a 20% incentive on EVERY SOLUTION submitted till 12:29 PM, 13th May'23(IST) How? Maintain an average QC(Quality review) score of >4 for the month. When? Update: Quality-based incentive program will be applicable to your solutions ...

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