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    • April'24 Q&A Payment details are now available on the Expert Payment Dashboard and the payments are also processed.
    • April'24 Practice Site and Expert Reviewer Payments -
      Payment details: can be accessed on the Expert Payment Dashboard
      Payments: processed

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    • If attempts on the Practice Site are exhausted, Live Q&A access will be inaccessible for the same or different subjects. 
    • Question volume has decreased now due to student's semester break and it will be back by September'24. Best time to login - 1AM-9AM for solving the maximum number of questions.

      • Recent Articles

      • Chat Review Opportunity for selected subjects.

        Chegg brings you a new & an amazing earning opportunity – Chat Reviewer Opportunity. As a Chat Reviewer (CR), you will be reviewing the content conversations between students & Chegg as per the Chat Review Guidelines. Process of becoming a Chat ...
      • Understanding Phase revocation Assessment flow

        To ensure that every expert maintains the highest quality standards, the Q&A account of expert is put under ’30 days Evaluation Period’ after the revocation. Please note that this is designed for a limited set of experts based on specific quality ...
      • No AI solution at Chegg!

        There are many positive reasons to use AI, but authoring Expert solutions is not one of them. While students are gaining comfort with use of AI, they still trust human expertise more. At Chegg, we offer students the ability to access an instant ...
      • Daily Reviewing Limit

        Under this program, your daily reviewing capabilities would be limited basis the quality of reviews you have submitted. Quality here is the Review Accuracy Score you have received in the recent past for the reviews submitted by you. On Live Review, ...
      • Not satisfied with the Quality review? Here's what you need to do!

        Providing Feedback on Quality Reviews Exciting update! We're thrilled to announce that you now have the opportunity to have your quality review rechecked if you're not satisfied with the initial evaluation. Provide feedback within 48 hrs of receiving ...

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