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      Expert Platform 2.0 Corner

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        • Quality Based Incentive Program

          You can earn a 20% incentive on EVERY SOLUTION of the month! How? Maintain an average QC(Quality review) score of >4 for the month. When? Effective from Mar'23 This incentive will be additional to other ongoing bonuses (if any), so keep delivering ...
        • Chegg Practice Site-NEW

          What is Chegg Practice Site & How to solve Questions on Chegg? In order to enhance the authoring experience, for experts joining after 20th February 2023, we have introduced a new feature called Practice Site on the Q&A dashboard. Check out the below ...
        • Equation Renderer

          This new tool on Expert Platform 2.0 helps you in writing multiple mathematical equations in a latex form in your solution. Use the tooltip to insert preneed symbols and equations related to math, Greek, text, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, and ...
        • Check My Structure

          The newly launched ‘Check My Structure’ feature on the authoring platform will serve as a 24/7 guide to help you create better-structured solutions. The ‘Check Structure’ button is always available while you create your solution. When you click the ...
        • New libraries in Maths tools in Expert platform 2.0

          New Libraries in Math Tools The Library Tooltip can also be used to add content. Click the “Show Tooltip" button to expand the Library, and click any of the symbols, expressions, or equations to insert into the editor. Note: Using this tool, ...

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